Friday, May 25, 2012

dear john.

Dear Mossimo backpack from Target,
I sincerely dig ya!
AND you match my sunshine stool from the antique store!

Dear dimpled dude,
I love you and appreciate you babe!
You are SUCH an amazing daddy to miss thang.
Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family!!!
AND I think you are pretty handsome.
{You rock at running the skid loader}

Dear miss thang,
you never seize to crack me up!
I loved watching you play hide and seek with the dog this morning.
My favorite part was when you threw your arms around her and told her she was your BEST FRIEND!
I see so much of myself in you!!!

Dear Today Show,
I loved your segment on chic glasses!!!
and seeing the whole crew wearing speck's was perfect!!
Pardon me whilst I go online and order a few pairs of glasses for my stash :) (I kid. I kid.)

Dear y'all....
Have a WONDERFUL long weekend!  
Remember those that have fought and continue to fight for our country!!
Much love,



  1. Such a sweet and uplifting post! Hope you have a wonderful long holiday weekend too!

  2. yay, love little notes! and she is absolutely precious!
    xo TJ

  3. Awwww your girl is so adorable under the table hiding and loving her doggie! My kid is back and forth between loving his kitty and being really annoyed with her! Have a beautiful long weekend!
    XOXO Phanit

  4. Is Target not the best?! I love that place!

  5. Dear Maggie that you for always making me smile with your post -

  6. That backpack is the shizz...just gorgeous! And you have a lovely family but I know you know that, heh heh. :-) Your little one is adorbs!

  7. Cute backpack and what an adorable daughter!! I'm a glasses wearer and have had the same pair since 2001. Clearly I fear change.

  8. What lovely letters. You are a blessed Momma!

  9. oh lovin' that backpack! found you via the link up xo


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