Wednesday, May 9, 2012


yesterday it rained on and off all the live long day...
so, waking up to bright blue skies and birds singing was very REFRESHING!
i figured it was the perfect day to dig out my new consignment store DEAL!!!
i found the softest green Banana Republic tee and got it for about 2 bucks! 
let's ignore the fact that i am still learning how to take pictures with my phone and look kind of nerdy!
digging my shirt 
and having fun mixing it with other shades of green!
have a super day friends!!!


  1. Nothing like a great tee! Yes, I can't quite get the taking a picture of oneself thing down..... just feels unnatural.... but you did a good job! :)

  2. What a great find, love that color! I've discovered the 1/2 price Saturdays (1st Sat. each month) at Goodwill and have come across some great Banana Republic finds! Always makes my day, have a great Wednesday!

  3. Yay for sun! And yay for thrift store finds...those are the best!

    I still can't figure out how to take pictures of myself with any camera. But you look great in this shot!

  4. You are rockin' that green T-shirt! I wish you lived closer so we could go thrifting together! I love a good deal! Enjoy the sunshine! XOXO

  5. great color on you, lovey!
    {and, p.s., I'm EXACTLY the same way taking pics of myself...I feel like a total weirdo doing it!}
    YOU'RE AWESOME - don'tcha forget it!

  6. hey friends, the reason Maggie gets such good "self shots" is cause she's 6 ft. tall (not even kidding) and her arms are like a pro BB players!! hehehehe

  7. great find! And I cant take pics of myself either!


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