Wednesday, May 30, 2012

i mean, come on!!!!

so here's what i know so far today...
1st off:
taking a major tumble at the park hurts!
those little pebbles (ugh!) do not feel good when you back up into a slide 
(on your way to tickle your daughter) 
and hit the ground!
but, it does make for a cute mommy/daughter picture!
thank you my dear Chelsea for capturing the moment!
p.s. check out how much sand i dug up with my sleek tennis shoes!! 

2nd thing i know...
my dog is in time out.
she managed to sniff out a cookie (leftover from the coffee shop)
in the front pocket of my ROCKING AWESOME backpack....
and ate some of the pocket off!
bad. dog.
{sidenote: the piece of pocket is not actually in her belly. she left the evidence for me to discover... 
wet, sucked on, chewed up leather/fabric!
6 month old puppies and backpacks do not go well together.
i'm off to have an ice cold diet pepsi and catch a grey's anatomy re-run.
hasta la pasta,


  1. Ouch and gasp!! - your new bag! But a yay for the cute mommy/daughter pic :)

  2. This made my entire day.... all over again! Gosh, I love you! Our dogs are HORRIBLE!!!!

  3. Doggie sure did chew the heck out of your awesome bag! lol
    had to laugh, sorry...
    and yes, awesome pic with babygirl!

  4. marge, i LOVE your new orange side design and header....and you! (p.s. bad dog is right! ---but i got you a new/old/cool bag at a yard sale today-score!

  5. I'm so sorry you wiped out at the park, but that picture of you is AWESOME! Love the headscarf (?). You are gorgeous! I am completely sad about your new backpack--darn cute dogs.

  6. glad you ok :)

    bad don't miss the puppy days

    I am soooooooo jealous of your diet soda...yummo!

  7. Wiping out on gravel is the worst! At least the picture is cute :)

  8. Oh no! My dog used to chew everything. I think she still would to get a cookie! HAHA!

    Falling into gravel is the worst, but that's definitely a cute photo! : )

    Hope you enjoy your afternoon!

  9. Sounds like a rough day...... but looks like you made the most of it! :)

  10. What a bad fall! But kinda cool that it was captured on film :).

    And puppies get into the worst kind of trouble! So sorry about your backpack!


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