Thursday, May 24, 2012

i got no time for butter.

So, this past weekend while I wasn't posing for pictures on the putting green, or drooling over the school house that NEEDS to be mine.... my bestest friend in the whole wide world took me to her local consignment shop!  And that is just what this mama did - S-H-O-P!  I was SUUUPER excited to walk outta there with a pair of capri's and two new tanks to wear with them!
Of course, I would never leave you trying to picture this... so I went ahead and snapped a pic of both outfits... PLEASE feel free to laugh out loud at my mad picture taking skills!  The things I will do for this blog I tell you!
outfit #1
the capri pants are a yummy buttery yellow color!
and they are s-o-f-t 
** allow me to entertain you for a sec: i student taught in Spain about a million years ago, and one day i ran out of time in the morning and didn't have time to put any make up on.  so.... me being kinda pale and in need of some serious lipstick and mascara got some strange looks from a co-teacher (bless her heart) and i said (in Spanish)  "i didn't have time for make up" ... ONLY i couldn't remember the name for make up in Spanish... so i used what i thought it was: "mantequilla" and she looked at me like i might be crazy....
"mantequilla" means butter my friends.  
i didn't have time for butter!
and she didn't correct me... just chuckled and let me tell everyone that i came in contact with that i didn't have time for butter! **
outfit #2
outfit #2 is what i am wearing today and i just realized the top has pockets - for reals!  love a pocket on a shirt!  especially if they can hold something (a pacifier, phone, lipstick, small animal - you never know! :) ha!)

have a beautiful day sweet readers...
we are up to about 3 inches of rain since last night - niiiiiiice! (not really)


  1. haha i love this!

    my best friend and I in jr high used to pick out outfits for each other and no matter how bad they were you had to try them on :)

  2. Looks like you had a fun shopping day and I love the soft capri :)


  3. PLEASE tell us the name and location of the shop.

  4. how cute!

  5. hehehehe... I'm still giggling about the butter :) I do love your new tops and your capris!!

  6. I love them! And your tops too!

  7. bold and fun ideas for this season.

  8. Your so adorable :-) love the outfits :-) and your sweet smile

  9. How exciting! Love your great finds!!


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