Monday, May 7, 2012

braids make me smile

I have this thing about braids....
I simply LOVE them!
I wish that I could braid my hair without having all of the blood run down into my armpits immediately....
Or maybe if I could just have some precious person like my mom (love her) come and braid my hair for me each day :) wouldn't that be tops!?!
I found a few ideas (on Pinterest of course) just recently, that I think I am going to try.  On my own.
What do we think??

Tonight's schedule:
Head to the store and get color for this grey mare....
I mean SERIOUSLY people!!!!
Fill in the grey's 
and then....
attempt a braid!
I promise to include all of YOU!
xx's and oo's,


  1. I love braids too. I'm probably a tad bit old to be sporting one but I do it anyway.... a basic one pulled to the side.... cause that's the easiest. Good luck!

  2. I totally rock the braid :) Have you tried the fishtail? Love the first look!!

  3. ummm....friend of mine? i think you may need extensions. : ) but go ahead and give these styles your best shot!!!! xo

  4. p.s. so many people read your blog that i think i will call you "pioneer woman junior" from now on!

  5. Those are so beautiful!! I would love to see pictures!! I need to touch up my own hair! no greys but the roots are showing and are a bit different than the dyed color right now!

  6. I looove a good braid. I wear mine in a side braid constantly!


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