Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a camel.

we had such a beautiful weekend.... full of family time, swimming, visiting the zoo and loving on miss josie!  we spent quite a bit of time in the car traveling, but it was great to sit back (and let the hubster do the driving - thanks daddy-o!) and relax and smile at the little things josie would say from the backseat.  
how was your 3 day weekend?

josie and i TOTALLY rode a camel at the zoo.  we rocked it and she didn't even bat an eyelash getting on!  she was in the front of the hump, and i was in the back.  such an excellent memory made! 
i asked mitch, the camel master, where these camels were from (hoping he'd give me an exciting answer... someplace FAR, FAR away in a desert or something....) 
ummmm... yeah... these champs were from Oklahoma. 
not exactly the answer i was looking for mitch.  but thanks. your tour rocked!
i'll have you know... no jcrew maxi dress is slowing this mama down!  i hiked it up (appropriately so as not to scare poor mitch) and even left with some camel fur and other type of mud/spit possibly on my dress as well.  
** dear oxi-clean.... you da man! **
it was a beautiful day!


  1. hahaha oklahoma??? ps your super cute in that dress!

  2. What a special memory. And who knew that camels came from Oklahoma??

  3. Who knew that camels were from Oklahoma?! It looks like it was an amazing day. The long weekends go too quickly!

  4. oh fun times!!!!

    p.s. how cute is miss josie tutu?!!

  5. How fun! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

  6. Hahah! Burst out laughing at the "camels from Oklahoma" bit.

    Awesome you had such a fab long weekend -- here's to many more!

  7. Oh girl, I love those camel pictures! You totally rocked that camel ride... even in a maxi skirt! Thank God for oxi-clean and maxis! :)

  8. Your zoo lets you ride camels?! That is amazing!


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