Monday, May 7, 2012

did you say Anthropologie? Yes, yes I did!!!

** I say that as there is a plethora of birds chirping in my backyard!  I opened the window and it is like pure springtime bliss back there... birds, crickets, frogs galore!!!
I laid in bed listening to my very own lullaby going on outside last night, and wondered what it would be like if I lived in a city and went to bed hearing cars driving by instead.....
kind of made me want to take my pillow outside and savor it all - for a little bit - then come back inside and enjoy it from my bed!
I feel blessed! 
now, if I could whip up a garden, and have beauteous flowers like these, 
I would really be crack-a-lack-in!!!!
Did you have a good weekend?
Mine was amazing!!!!
I visited old friends that I haven't seen in WAAAAY too many years,
and got to see 2 of the 3 boys that I took care of in Middle and High School 
- they are now in there teens people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love these boys as if they were my own!!!!
The eldest was out of town for the morning, but next time he's all mine!
Turns out we don't live too terribly far from each other, so a grill out/kayak date is in the works!
It absolutely warmed my heart to hug these boys (and their mom and dad!!!) they were such a huge part of my life, and I am beyond thrilled to have them back in my life again!
No morning Starbucks date would be complete without a little trip over to Anthropologie,
so that's where we headed!
Natalie and I (Natalie is the mama to these 2 stud muffin boys!) and Josie, of course, went and swooned over everything pretty much at Anthro.... and I snagged the most comfortable shirt created..
Loving the burnt orange color!
AND my new phone!!!!
mine went ca put, so we spent an hour in Verizon Saturday evening trying to get everything squared away!
I will say this - and say it proudly....
they were all about the Smart Phones, and while I think they are amazing, it's just not for me!
Kind of made my head spin thinking of all of the gadgets, app's, etc....
So I opted for a "simple yet smart" version of a smart phone - and saved money AND they had a cute little pink cover for my phone too!!!
I think the Verizon staff could sense us slowing loosing our minds trying to entertain Josie this entire time, so they were giving their "order" to her - 
she had a little notebook and pen and was asking us if we wanted 
"chicken nuggets and chocolate milk"
The child never seizes to make me grin!
Have a blessed DAY!
I leave you with this....
"What the eye sees better the heart feels more deeply.
We not only increase the likelihood of our being moved;
we also run the risks that being moved entails.  Seeing increases
our vulnerability to being recruited to the welfare of another."
-Robert Kegan, The Evolving Self

{I just finished reading Ashley Judd's memoir and if left me feeling in AWE!!}

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  1. I love the pic of you and the boys. I ran into a student who was once my 5th grader and he was 22 and over 6 feet tall! I need to make an Anthro visit soon. I just love strolling through the store even if I don't buy anything. Have a great day. : )


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