Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inhale... Exhale...

Hello my dear friends.... I hope you haven't given up on me... If you have, I completely understand... but come back - PLEASE come back!!!! You won't regret it!!! Girlfriend has ALOT to fill you in on....
Summer has left us! The leaves are falling, the kiddie pool is back in the garage up in the rafters and my knitting needles are awaiting me! A breath of fresh air, is what I consider Fall to be... a chance for renewal, the beginning of new things (BACK TO SCHOOL for some... I still have some time before the bus picks up Buster!) BUT, Miss Josie DID get to start something new just recently: Gymnastics!!!
~Some details: the class is called "One, Two and YOU" and it's for children and their parents! It is STINKING HILARIOUS! Brian and I both got to take part in her first evening of fun, and snapped pictures as fast as we could!!!~
she was ALL ABOUT the leotard - even before we left:(note... excuse the hair.)
I snapped some pictures of her on my bed, and told her to "do a trick" and here's what I got:
We got there and they did a little introduction, sang a welcome song (she was ALL ABOUT THAT) and then they orientated everyone to the equiptment and ultimatley what their goals are (all about fun, basically!)
More pictures to come... (still editing)
~Much love to you all!!!!~

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