Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peeing in my pants....

...Did the title to this post get your attention??? GOOD!
You will not BELIEVE what this junking mama found this morning.....
I found it on the side of the road (of all the places on a cold and rainy Thursday morning) with a Garage Sale sign on stakes in it... It's rather tall and large (like the size of a large terracotta flower pot, except tin, rusty and oh so darling!!!) - so I hawled my sweet minivan over to the Garage Sale, encountered a little old man and asked if the rabbit tin out on the corner of the road in the rain is for sale!? He gave me a strange look (not uncommon), and said "it can be for the right price, whatta ya got?" I got $5.00 I said, and he said "DONE!" We shook hands, I shreeked for joy and did a little leap, exchanged the cash-oh-la and I got my tin and headed home to make mac & cheese!
My little vintage loving heart is FULL!!!!
I am going to empty out the dirt from my new tin (it was used as a flowerpot I guess), clean it up a bit and it is going in my front hall for hats, mittens, etc...
Loving the little things in life today!
P.S. have you ordered your Matthew Mead "Autumn" magazine??? (See the button on the side of my Blog) Mine should be in the mailbox T-O-D-A-Y! I will then snuggle up and spoon my tin and read my magazine.
Life. Is. Good.

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