Thursday, February 2, 2012

detangler spray. and groundhog.

good morning!
happy groundhog's day to all!
so, here's what's shakin'.....
josie's hair is getting really long, and beyond snarly, tangled, nastaaaay by the time she gets out of the tub....
i purchased some detangler spray at Target... and it works like charm! and smells like green apples.... nothing like the detangler spray i was rocking as a young lass!
the thing is, when i was little, my hair was LONG (as in, down to my tush long) THICK, and a hot mess by the end of the day.... so detangler spray was my best friend. and i mean
i remember taking the bottle of spray, and my handy dandy comb to daycare!!!
that was a long time ago friends.
i am going to be 30 (gulp) in april.
girlfriend has a memory like a whippersnapper
anyways, so i would come to daycare armed with my supplies, put them in my "cubby" and several times throughout the day i would go and take a big sniff of it (it smelled magical), spray a spritz on my hair, comb thru with no problems whatsoever, and go do my thang!!!
---> i. am. a. freak. <---
the fact that i remember this is crazy, but the fact that i sniffed detangler spray is cracking me up!
now, the big question is:
will the groundhog see his shadow?????
and will someone tell me who came up with the name
Punxsutawney Phil ???
p.s. speaking of hair... how swoony is this?
Pinned Image
just say'n.
love love love to YOU,


  1. We have never cut our daughters hair and it is a little bit past her grows so slow!!!

    She does however have naturally tangle-ly hair just like me...I to love the spray conditioner and love the grape smells sooooooo good!!!

    How cute is the hair style?!!

  2. Haha, at least you weren't sniffing glue!!! And that hairstyle is definitely swoon worthy!

  3. That green apple detangler SAVED MY LIFE! My daughter threw a fit every time I combed her hair until I started using that stuff!

    I turned 30 last year, and it wasn't so bad. In fact I kind of enjoyed leaving my 20's behind to look forward to new adventures!

  4. My mom literally had to sit on me to brush my hair when I was younger. Yes, sit on me to get my knots out as I cried and screamed. Oh the memories, haha

  5. I have no words I am laughing till I have tears in my eyes

    But my sister had the nasty tangly hair mess ever and would saturate her hair with the detangeler spray stuff :-) it did smell pretty good


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