Monday, February 27, 2012

a few tidbits...

... i am taking a moment to come up for air, whilst scuba diving in my coffee mug this morning, to fill you in on a couple of random thangs....
** thursday night, we went out to eat at our fave little pub in town and they were playing BINGO, so the caller was yelling out her dealies and josie was repeating them!!!!
caller: "B-17"
josie: "B-17"
it was really darling - especially because josie had zero clue why this woman was yelling out numbers and letters!
when we left the jackpot was up to $13.00....
gotta love a small town!**
**lastnight, we sat down to eat supper (brian and i) and josie, being the two year old she is, had a breakdown because she wanted to watch dora instead of eating a nourishing meal
(tatortot hotdish) so she was at the table crying.
we finished eating (brian and i) and i took josie into the bathroom to brush her teeth and get ready for bed ... girlfriend LOVES to brush her teeth ... so i handed her her tooth brush and she let out a joyous "I AM SO HAPPY!"
- really josie!?
-cause i thought you were in the middle of a massive dora protest breakdown!?
gotta love the mood changes!
in all of their glory, i guess!**
do not forget....
to each of you,


  1. Toddlers are completely bipolar!

  2. cute story! Jude strongly dislikes his teeth being brushed! I usually have to squeeze his cheeks just to get the tooth brush in lol

  3. Be awesome today, love that. Your daughter is so cute.


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