Friday, February 24, 2012

chalk and shoes. a great combo!

hello sidewalk chalk!
where have you been hiding?
all over the yard, you say??!
under snow!?not much of that left!!!!
{although, tonight and Sunday we are supposed to get hit with some of that white stuff!}
so nice to get you out and use you mr. chalk!
{sorry about the small picture!}
on a new note,
have you ever owned a pair of Dansko shoes?!
they are smoothe as butter!
as comfortable on your feet as pajamas on your body!!!
i may not resist the urge to order these lovelies on Zappos....

they make me think of the lilac bushes in my back yard when i was little!!!
do you have any big weekend plans?
i am looking forward to ....
oh yes, and a Target run!
with a possible stop at Caribou
weekend blessings to y'all,


  1. have fun at your target run...those never end well for me...I like to give them all my money :)

  2. I wish I had a Caribou close by ... LOVE their white chocolate frappucino. YUM. Happy weekend!


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