Thursday, February 9, 2012

a few tid bits from an exhausted puppy owner...

Hello Sweet Friends
Good Afternoon!
I, for some reason, have the Mister Rodgers song in my head right now and thought it would appropriate to BLOG...
"Please won't you be, my neighbor!?"
I loved that show!!!
Here's the latest:
1. I am on Bloglovin'... so you can follow me there and I will do the same for YOU!
2. Check it out... on my sidebar... directly above my followers is a little linky... it's called
Linky Followers and I would love it if you'd follow me on it!
Pinned Image
I couldn't resist this precious pic of Mister R.
Remember THIS post awhile back?
You are in for a TREAT sweet chick-a-dee's!
We are having a "Girl's Weekend" this weekend!
at my house!
and you,
of course,
will get all of the nitty gritty details!
We are going HERE on Saturday...
and I can hardly WAIT!
Beam me up SCOTTY!
Can't WAIT to share all of the deets with you!
this just in: puppies are exhausting!!!!!
uhhh huuuuuhhhh
they are darling.
and exhausting.
excuse me while i go and make a pot of coffee.
MaMa MaGGiE.

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