Thursday, February 2, 2012

who ya gonna call ???

Last Spring,
my grandpa passed away... he had a long stuggle with Parkinson's ... and he went home to Jesus on Easter morning!!!
During this difficult time, my father needed someone by his side, so I dropped everything, and went to be with him through his heartbreak.
While we were attending his wake and funeral, I held my father's hand... reminded him to breathe... visited with him about all of the beautiful memories,
and shared my grandpa's favorite Bible verse at his funeral.
During this time... my sister and her husband had to travel back and forth to come and support my dad as well.... one afternoon my sister asked her husband...
"What word could you use to describe Maggie?"
and of all of the things possible (wink, wink)
he said:
"The Red Cross.... She is always ready to swoop in, lend a hand and take care of people!"
When I heard this, my heart skipped a beat!
It is exactly how I feel when someone is in need... there has to be something {anything!} I can do!
From then on I was refered to as "The Red Cross" in times of crisis!
Fast forward to July...
It is ONE THOUSAND degrees in the grand state of Minnesota,
and my sister gives birth (in an airconditioned hospital!) to a BEEEEEAUTIFUL baby boy...
her 3rd... and the only one with dark brown hair thus far!
My mom, bestie, and myself all take a day to go and visit her in the hospital, ooooo and ahhhh over sweet baby and of course, go and do some "junking" at the antique stores in town whilst mommy and baby rest...
Lo and BEEEEHOLD... Look at what we found:
I kid you not when I tell you that all 3 of us screamed, shrieked and jumped up and down over finding a vintage red cross head scarf!!!!!
Immediately my mother tied it on.
Declared that it was "meant to be" cause "Maggie, you ARE the Red Cross!!"
The $8.00 was paid (such a deal of the day!)
and we hoofed it back to the hospital to show the new mommy our SWEET purchase!
Minutes later, we sneak into my sister's room, and I go into the bathroom to tie on my scarf, I yell "How are you doing??? Do you need anything?"
And I SWEAR to you (cross my heart) she responded...
"YES! I need the Red Cross!!! I can't reach my lunch tray!!!"
Well, what. do. you. know...
There. I. Was.
A rootbeer (per her request) in hand... and ready to "Swoop In!"
we laughed.
i almost peed.
my sister's C-Section wound almost burst.
and then we took some more pictures



Though the loss of my grandpa was a very sad time, the fact that I was able to be there for my dad, and extended family, is what makes the biggest impact on me.

I hope and pray that all of my dearest family and friends know that they can count on me for support! I will be there .... SWOOPING in!


Lots of Love Love Love!



  1. Awww I love this post!! Just from knowing you through blogging I could tell you have a very giving, nurturing soul. I always feel loved and supported just by your sweet comments so i can only imagine how awesome you are to be around in real life! XO

  2. even tho i was there and even took these pictures...this post CraCKed me up! the one of you with the root beer in your hand is so "i love lucy" : )

    HEEEYYYY, i could use some nyquil here in chanhassen if you are in the area nurse Maggie"

    love you, beth

  3. this is such a sweet and cool post! i love that scarf - what a great great find. happy friday to you maggie! (came on over from sunny with a chance of sprinkles to say hi!)

  4. I love, love, love this post! And the pictures of you are THE BEST!! I bet you are the best swooper, ever! XO PS Girrrlll! You look FABULOUS in that red dress!

  5. I love this post. I love what he said about you. Seriously SO sweet and I could so see that being something to describe you perfectly <3

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. This is such a sweet post! I love that you are so close to your dad. And these pictures are awesome!

  7. What a great post Maggie!! How sad, funny, sweet, and great all wrapped up together!! You are a sweetie--glad we are bloggy friends!!

  8. awww they are so blessed to have you! I have so been the visitor to a c-section mama laughing so hard her stitches almost came open ;)

  9. Such an incredibly sweet post
    and PS you are like the Red Cross
    and your just the sweetest most joyful person I know


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