Friday, February 17, 2012

when a piercing goes wrong.

My name is Maggie.
And I do not tolerate pain very well.
You can about imagine where this is going....
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... for some reason (I am an 8th grader, by the way), I do not know why... I decided that on a family (plus my friend) trip to a mall, I should pierce my cartilage. in my ear. you know that fragile piece of ear that is all curly and dainty up at the top?
that one.
** I think it looks really cute on people, by the way... and am in no way, shape or form against piercings... I am just a complete wuss!!! **
the original needle thru the ear part wasn't horrible... but afterwards it was super tender!
We did a little shopping.... everyone told me to stop complaining... i continued to complain and then we left the mall.
Fast forward to later that evening.
Here is what I remember (yes you can call me a drama queen):
I had a Ritz cracker in my mouth (bed snack).
I went into the bathroom to run a bath.
I bent over to turn on the faucet.
My new, precious piece of ear bling got caught on my mom's shower curtain (I am completely unaware that it has gotten caught.)
The water is running.
I, being the person that is always moving fast, whip my head up to get in the tub.
My earring RIPS OUT OF MY EAR!
And I pertinear tear down the whole shower curtain!!!!!!
My dad, nonchalantly asks from the living room ... you ok?
(DRAMA QUEEN for a daughter!)
and I just begin to FREAK OUT! I honestly thought my ear was gone! In the tub, perhaps?
It was awful!
The earring was never found.
My Ritz cracker got soggy in the bath.
I went to bed crying.
Goodnight Nurse!
Fast forward to my senior year of college.
I am student teaching in Spain.
My new, darling friend and I decide, whilst out and about in Madrid one Saturday afternoon, to pierce our noses! (that's one nostril each, just to clarify)
I am brave.
I do not cry.
I avoid shower curtains at great length!!!!
I love my little pink rhinestone in my shnozzle!
Totally diggin' it!!
About a month later, I am, once again, in the bathroom (in Spain) chewing bubble gum, getting ready for the day, primping, etc..... and I blow a massive, rockin' bubble...
It pops and covers my nose.
It is sticky.
It is messy.
I am laughing at myself in the mirror.
I grab the glob of bubble gum ... feel a little tug on my nose... nothing major...
i ignore it.
i am curling my hair.
i proceed to chew my gum and bite down on something HARD!!!
it is my nose ring.
it is crunchy.
for reals people!
i am completely content with my ears being pierced.
that's all she wrote on this chick.
happy piercing lovelies!!!
wink wink


  1. you had me ROLLIN'!!!
    I mean, I was laughing so hard, a little chocolate flew out of my, really, I was eating a chocolate that I wasn't supposed to be having and phoo! out it goes...LOVE YA!

  2. Yeah, I'm laughing so hard I'm snorting! Good grief Marg - you are soooo stinkin' hilarious!

  3. ha!
    wow... you definitely have bad luck when it comes to piercings!! probably best to continue avoiding them! lol ;)

  4. Oh my gosh thats so sad and funny. I would have freaked too. :)


  5. Oh my gosh! This post made me laugh and cringe! I'm thinking that someone is trying to tell you something. Don't even think about doing your belly button--goodness knows what that could get caught on! : ) XO

  6. Oh you accident prone friend you :) Haha! That's hilarious!

  7. It's been a while since I've checked out your blog ... your post are great and you're so funny! Keep it up :)


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