Thursday, February 16, 2012

shopping carts & valentine's parties!

Hello FRIDAY!!!!!!
and hello to you sweet friends!
this week has been CRAZY!!!
not in a bad way...
just in an "I can't wait to put my feet up at the end of the day" way!
and that is exactly what i am doing right now!
Yes, it is still the afternoon... but the house is quiet and my black boots are resting!
Now, on with the goods....
Here are few pic's from Valentine's Day
I dipped pretzel rods in almond bark (yum!) and then sprinkled every kind of sprinkle i could find on them (double yum!) put them in the fridge, and we ATE THEM!
check out the ruby red lips on the door to the deck!
a craft about teeth from Josie's early childhood craft!
just in time for Valentine's Day!
(kiss kiss)
betty crocker?
more like Amelia Bedilia... do you know who that is???
this is what buster girl spends about 90% of her day doing!
she yells, "You ready Mama? You ready Daddy? WATCH ME!!!"
----> and i also love the fact that in the past couple of weeks, twice at the grocery i have seen a grown man exit with his cart full of goodies, run. run. run. and then jump on the cart for a ride!!!!
it immediately puts a smile on my face and i want to snap a picture, but of course am not prepared... so i soak it up, and rejoice in the fact that that person is feeling JOY and (hopefully) loving life!!!
** did you know that happiness (i.e. laughter, smiling, seeing the cup half full, etc...) has been proven to ward of heart disease! **
It's true.
I read it in a magazine lastnight while I was getting my hair colored (I was extremely happy at the time, by the way) and saying good bye to the old grey mare i had become!
damage control was done on the after effects of the perm (alleluia. 'nough said.)
Wishing you all a HAPPY FRIDAY and deeeeelightful weekend!
Fill that cup half full friends!
Lots of love,


  1. We just checked out some Amelia Bedelia books from the library. I think you look more like Betty Crocker though! : ) Great pics! I hope you guys have the BEST weekend!

  2. Your lovely little lady is getting so grown up!

  3. Amelia Bedilia never gets old. literally, I read her whe I was a kid too!

  4. New hair is THE BEST(always makes me happy!)! And I love imaging you as Amelia Bedelia! : )

  5. I swear I've seen people do this before and it brings a smile to my face too! The little joys <3


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