Friday, February 3, 2012

what is on your fridge????

i usually sit and do my blogging at the kitchen island, on a squeaky stool, with my diet coke on ice and a snack .... today, as i sat down to begin e-mailing, blogging, editing pictures, reading, etc.... i glanced up and saw my refridgerator:
in all of her "fridgey" glory!!!!
and i pondered..
"what is on other people's refridgerator's?"
do they have as many pictures?
children's drawings?
children's magnets?
so, i got up from my squeaky stool and studied my fridge... up close and personal... and found some of my favorite things!
and now... i am going to share them with you... you can pretend you are in my kitchen (in a non-creepster way), drinking diet coke and eating snacks too (if you'd like)...
this is me holding my sweet, infant baby girl, on Christmas Eve!
she had had her 2 month shots, and was tired and sore... i. love. this. picture.
beneath that is a picture of my husband as a baby (3 months old) handsome as ever!
and you'll see my favorite magnet (difficult to read. sorry. phone pictures.)
it says "I've decided to be joyful.... and I hope you'll do the same."
this is an old photograph of my grandmother holding my mother in a store.
they are looking at magazines.
BOTH are miraculous women!
as is the task at hand
a good magazine is a MUST!
next up... the picture of David and Goliath, of course!
no refridgerator is complete without one
i teach sunday school.
enough said!
{p.s. AND i just flat out adore children's artwork!!!}
this is me in all of my kitty loving glory!!!!
our dear friends lived on a farm with cats and kittens GALORE!
it was heaven for me, and leaving was not pretty.
hello tears (drama queen!)
Ohhhh how we would have FUN!
{those poor, poor felines!!! wonder if they have recovered!?}last up, one of my all time favorite pictures!
me, riding Chestnut, a friends horse, into a corn field!!!
i can close my eyes and feel what it's like to be on a horse, galloping away, i can smell the fresh air and i can feel the strength of the horse i am riding...
it is
... and there you have it friends
that is just a little snippet of what is on my refridgerator!
thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love you fridge and it makes me love you even more. I love your heart and the amazing life the Lord has blessed you with.

    Oh and I LOVE diet coke :-)
    we have that "inside" our fridge :-)
    the outside are a dozen silly pictures of my students when I used to lead student ministry, pictures of family/ pictures our wedding invite (it had the romans road gospel all laid out on it because we had an "open wedding" and I invited EVERYONE I knew and we asked our pastor to share the gospel in it) :-)
    and some random magnets :-)
    hopefully one day soon I'll have sunday school drawings from Judah

  2. ummmmm...nothing at all for this neat is all on the side of the fridge :) Elisabeth makes sooooooo many pictures I have to take down old in order to make space for the new...all which out her catching is great.

    love all the memories you have up!!

    p.s. I do set out photo albums based on seasons ... those are always fun to look at :)

  3. Very cool! I created a fridge art linkup last month... This would have been perfect! I love having a fridge full of fun & memories!
    Newest follower!

  4. Ours looks exactly the same. The whole thing is covered in pictures and Avery's artwork, coupons and calendars...and LOTS of Disney princess magnets. : )

  5. I love all the things on your fridge. I have about the same amount of things! I have pictures, drawing from kids I babysit for and little notes that I love :)

  6. How I wish I could 'stick' stuff on the front of my fridge, but its stainless and nothing sticks on the front, just the sides. I do have several inspirational cards on the side and a few pics...but mostly magnets with phone numbers I need.

    love your pics--its always fun to look back at childhood days!!

    oh, and I LOVE too!!!


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