Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Take on Tuesday!!!!! :)

What's up buttercup's???
Tuesday is here!
And that means it's time to link up with Mom2MemphisAndRuby for:
yesterday, during the middle of a massive breakdown, miss thang stopped the wailing and nashing and exclaimed, "I wanna go to church!!!"
for reals!
the child never siezes to make me chuckle!!!!
i am singing THIS song in church next wednesday evening for a Lent service.
we are talking about healing, and i thought this song would be perfect! it is so powerful!!!
i am praying for strength and peace, as it can make me tear up really easily - i think that is one of the things i love most about music... it can hit home and you feel a connection with it.
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i LOVE this look for Spring!!!!
and the belt around the little cardigan is todiefor!
{p.s. like what you see? go to Garnethill.com}
Yellow  Diaper bag - Messenger - Travel bag - Shoulder Bag -  Water resistant - Bike flap - 8 pockets  in dark yellow
remember my post about this purse?
how SOOOO darling it is?
and how i ordered it!?!?!?!!?
yes i did!!!!
and OMG! it is just as totally cute in person as it is in this picture!
i love the mustard yellow color - and if there wasn't nasty wet snow on the ground, perhaps i would get on my bike and ride around with my new purse, just 'cause!
(go HERE to check out more ikabags)
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did you know that i can do a really good cartwheel?
not. kidding.
i would do one right now, but i might wake up my daughter from her nap!
when i was little, i would do a cartwheel anywhere. anytime. without question.
once, i did several in a row in Maurices clothing store.
my sister was MORTIFIED!!!
my mom was MORTIFIED!
and i had to hang up all of the things i knocked over when i fell into a clothing rack.
true story.
these long legs should not be messed with!
(mothers and sisters should not be messed with either)
what do we think of Adele's new blonde hair?
ok... so all fall and winter it has been about "the boots"
and now, i am feeling SPRING and all things FRESH and NEW!
i love the new Spring Dansko collection!!!!
(www.dansko.com) ---> is where it's at!
World's Tallest Leprechaun shirt funny St. Patrick's Day t shirt sizes S-3XL
do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day??
i think i should sport this tee for the occassion!?
?? or maybe these ??
Granny Square Home Slippers Crocheted Slippers St patricks day Mint Caribbean Forest Jungle Winter Fashion
i love the earthy, cozy feel of the fabrics in this camper picture i found!
the re-decoration of our pick-up camper will commence as soon as the snow is GONE and i can open the camper windows!
it's gonna be AWESOME people!


  1. That purse is totes ADORABLE!!! Love everything!!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. That camper is TO DIE for! I love it!

  3. Love ya 10-fold! Wish I could go see you sing!!!
    Hey {favor} can you please join blog-lovin'?

  4. Can't wait to see that camper! I want that camper in that picture to be my office! Great 10 by the way, and yes that outfit? Do die for!

  5. ok...I am super jealous.. I CAN'T do a cartwheel...so sad...I made my sister promise she would teach my daughter ;)


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