Sunday, February 5, 2012

a mama and her joey :)

while the cat's away (aka. Daddy) the mice (aka. mama&josie) will PLAY!!!!
the hubster is ice fishing smack dab in the middle of nowhere many hours away...
so josie and i had a mommy/daughter road trip and headed north to see my mom and stepdad.
they are packing up what is left in there home on the north shore, since it is up for sale and their new home is ALMOST ready to be lived in!
much fun was had in the little amount of time we spent there.. we left saturday morning and came home this afternoon.
the weather was INCREDIBLE!
blue sky.
calm water.
it was super peaceful, and just what we needed!
upon arrival, grandma had prizes for both of us
a stuffed animal and some other random fun things for Miss Thang
and my bedprize (what we call little treasures left by our pillow)
well, let's just say my bedprize had me gasping!!!
mama - you are amazing!
a beautiful anthropologie mug was waiting for me!

as well as my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE magazine!!!! "Artful Blogging"

have you seen it?

did you almost pee your pants like me???

it only comes out 4 times a year and it is filled to the gills with incredible bloggers, ideas, workshops to attend, ohhhhhh it is scrumptious i tell YOU!

and look at this precious little valentine's boquet!

the view from my bed.... absolutely awesome!

i will miss being woken up by the sunrise on weekend mornings


pretty sure josie and i got our fill of m&m's and jellybeans this weekend
i snapped some pic's of my sweet girl yesterday and this morning...
i cherish EVERY second i get to spend with this amazing 2 year old!
she is growing soooooo fast ....
and turning into a "little person" that can actually carry on conversation!!!
she has the SWEETEST spirit, my little girl... and i know for a fact if i were a mama kangeroo, letting my joey go off and jump and grow would be just as difficult
{hence the title for the post... heee heee heee}
oh how we want to just hold onto them... close...squeeze them...smell that baby smell...
i watch her in awe...
and S-M-I-L-E
this morning we woke up and sat by the fire!
(and toasty too!)
when josie was about 2 months old, brian, josie and i moved up to duluth for a couple months while he worked on the pipleline.
i would feed josie her nighttime bottle on this whicker couch... and now she is a BIG girl!
such neat memories to hold dear
we headed back home this morning to relax, grocery shop, and of course wait for DADDY to come home!!!
what did you do this weekend?
whatever you did, i hope it was GREAT!


  1. awe looks like you all had a wonderful weekend! I wish we lived near each other :-)

    I've never heard of that magazine! Are you going to any blog conferences? I've thought about it :-)

    Do your parents live near Lake Michigan? My husband has family on the lake :-) we have been planning forever and a half to visit

  2. This weekend looks nothing short of amazing. Your mom seems fantastic! I need to look into this magazine! I'm assuming you are recommending it ;)

    This post made me smile so big <3

  3. What an awesome treat to walk in the bedroom and find a gift like that waiting on u!! Looks like a great house, I'm sure you will miss it!!

    And Miss J is just PRECIOUS!! She is such a cutie!! Just think...I've got a handsome almost three year old that would probably be sweet on your little one!! To early to arrange a marriage? HA!

  4. What an awesome mama you have...and I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :) Isn't this a fun age? Some of the "conversations" I have with Lily are so funny!

  5. OMG this is soo soo sweet! Your mom is so thoughtful and you can tell she was so excited to have you stay!! Josie is adorable!! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Looks so nice. :) I've never heard of Artful Blogging!


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