Monday, February 20, 2012

** burn **

Greetings precious bloggy friends!
Happy Monday!!!!
Is your coffee brewed and ready for sipping?!
How was your weekend?
Did your go as super fast as mine did?!
We woke up Saturday morning,
packed overnight bags,
and headed to the Hubster's parents house....
we had an icefishing P-A-R-T-AAAAAA-Y!
The weather was PERFECT
Not a single cloud in the sky - Sunny - Warm - Glorious
and I ended up looking like a lobster!
my forehead felt like it might fall off!
** Reporting in that it is much better this morning, AND cold aloe vera gel slathered on at bedtime works like a CHARM! **
---> next time... Sunscreen!!! DUH, Maggie!!!
Sunday morning I got to sneak away for an hour and go grab a Caribou coffee (my FAVORITE!), and headed to Target... prayed I didn't see anybody I knew! ha!
-- also scoped out downtown!
My hometown (now that I have grown up and moved away- hello!?) has got some darling little boutiques that I WILL be checking out sometime in the near future!!!!
not really!
check out the FRESHLY colored, no more grey mare hair! YIPPPEEEEE!!!
Whatever you did this weekend - I hope it was WONDERFUL!
I am off to catch up on blogs, as we speak!!!
More soon,


  1. What?! You got sunburned ice fishing? Only in Minnesota LOL! I totally go out incognito when I go back to my hometown's a small town, so I'm always worried I will see someone I know. Hope your weekend was fabulous! Caribou alone will make any weekend amazing!

  2. Oh my word, ice fishing?! Did you take pictures? It sounds awesome!

  3. ice fishing sounds like a hoot! but, ouchie--a sunburn is no fun!

    and is there anything better than time to yourself? I too am always afraid I will run into people I know when I'm back home ;)


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