Thursday, February 9, 2012

hello friday. you da man!

i could not. could not. could NOT resist this!!!
sMiLe it out sweet friends!
** it seems like the minute i wipe up dog pee, clean the surface (carpet or tile), have a come to Jesus meeting with the puppy, take her outside so she can drain whatever tank she has, come inside, sit down....
i realize she has peed somewhere else. **
i would love to read her sweet little mind!
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isn't this precious!?
get yours HERE
you little lovebird, you!
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for valentine's day, we are taking miss josie to our FAVORITE restaurant!!!
she has been there once before, but was itty bitty.
she gets to make her own wood fire pizza
and also gets to put her own toppings on an ice cream sundae!!
i hope we can sit by a fireplace.
and all look into each other's eyes
the three musketeers
(bailey will be at home, snuggling a toy!)
we'll look her in the eyes too... when we get home... ok?!
~ the past several days.. miss thang has been rockin the "Hoo Hoo" hat all afternoon
INCLUDING nap time!
girlfriend likes a warm head, i guess!
i am on the lookout for camper re-decorating ideas!!!!
(random? yes!)
you see, we have the pickup camper... and it DESPERATELY needs some loving!
we're talking a MAJOR pick me up...
re-upholstering of the cushions.
possibly some paint.
and definitely planning on painting one of the cupboard doors with chalkboard paint!
i need ideas!!!!!
got any suggestions?
pintrest ideas?
i promise to do a before and after!
i will be epic


  1. Lots of fun going on chez mama!!

    I LOVE that adorable, adorable owl hat... Josie looks incredibly cute :D

  2. i l o v e this post. xo

    see you in an hour~

    let the wild rumpus begin. : )

  3. Oh my, I posted this picture of a camper on my blog awhile ago... turquoise, red and polka dots! SO CUTE!

    Hope you had a great weekend! : )

  4. Love this post! Made me smile and truly I needed to hear that William Shakespear quote. I mean how often are things done to you. Like a mean comment or word or someone just isn't being to nice to you and you just wear a frown on your face like a badge of hurt visible on your heart. But if you give it to the Lord trust that he will be the one who takes care of the healing (and he will take care of the person hurting you) then you can wear a smile and steal something from that thief that was trying to steal your joy.

    Good reminder
    I Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Josie looks just adorable in that hat


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