Monday, February 27, 2012

jolly green giant!

It's been a little while since I visited my sweet friend Sarah,
for Tickle Me Tuesdays...
so today is the DAY!!!
Be sure to head over and show her some LOVE!!!
And tell all of us what is Tickling YOUR Tuesday
I am absolutely tickled by how wonderfully relaxing and chill our Saturday morning was!
** it (of course) involved doughnuts with SPRINKLES!
mama likey the sprinkles!!
** buster girl gave daddy a "green cube manicure"
** and we all ran from the big green giant!
~My family truly rocks my WORLD! ~
& tickles my tuesday!!!
Happy Day Lovelies,


  1. Stopping by from Tickle Me Tuesdays- That doughnut looks AMAZING- wow :)

  2. Who doesn't love a good donut with sprinkles!!

    Hopping over from Tickle Me Tuesday!

  3. I think sprinkles makes everything better :D

  4. Stopping by from Tickle Me Tuesdays. This is so cute! Your family looks so sweet!


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