Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ok.... I am sitting down... I am pulling up my Blog... and I am WRITING!!!

Sorry for the delay in the new post! Life has been keeping me rather busy and by about 7:00 PM every evening... I walk past my hubby rocking our sweet little girl in the rocking chair (their daddy-Josie time) and watching the original Dukes of Hazzard - after a quick sigh and smile I remember that my heating pad is in warming up my spot on my bed and go climb in!!! With a book in hand and there I sit until I drift off - oh, around 7:30 or 8 PM (sad.... I know!) This FREEZING COLD WINTER HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am envisioning warm summer evenings watering my flowers, taking walks with the dog, pushing Josie in her swing as she giggles! All of this aside, I find myself justifying my wanting to be in bed so early... but know that the windchill of about -45 does that for me! Oh yes, and let's not forget the sun going down at about 3:00 PM.

I know that Spring is on it's way... and until then I will leave you with these WARM WEATHER PHOTOS:

Was my baby actually ever this little???????????????? (Still just as messy though!)

My BEEEEAUTIFUL Passion Plant.

Ahhhh Mexico! Be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can feel the 90 degrees right now! :-) Glorious!

Ok...that is about all for now... BUT... this just in: Josie has a babysitter Friday night and the hubster and I are going out to dinner and a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Doing a cartwheel right now!)



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