Thursday, February 24, 2011


So... I found a FAB new blog to follow today and am doing Confessions Over Chai Tea (YUM!) with Katy AND the rest of you too! And can I just say that I figured out how to "link" stuff on my blog today and I am shakin' in my boots excited and proud of myself! :-) hee hee hee sorry for the side note. Onto the CONFESSIONAL!

Here is goes:

1. I love window clings! I know, it is totally random and a bit disturbing... but I am a teacher and I love anything fun for a classroom (or in this case my home where I do daycare)... I am especially excited about the funky gel ones. (I can't believe I am admitting this!) :-) Now don't get me wrong, I don't go around putting them up all over every window... usually just in the kitchen for holidays - my daughter thinks they are a blast, especially if she can reach them, take them off, crumple them and hand them to me smiling!

2. I am addicted to my morning coffee. I make a pot and from about 7 AM - 10 AM I drink then entire thing. by myself. no cream. no sugar! Straight coffee! And I am not the slightest bit shaky or anything! It's just so delicious - and gets me thru! :-)

3. I took ballet in college and have never been in such amazing shape! It was painful (very) but I loved it and would love to take it again - my body could definitely use it too!

4. When making a s'more, I like my marshmallow BURNT - to a crisp! It grosses my husband out BIG TIME, but something about it makes my mouth water!

5. I wish Julia Roberts was my next door neighbor! I love her - her style - her laugh and I think we could be buddies!

6. One time when my husband (then my boyfriend) and I were out in a canoe - he was trying to fish and I was trying to jump out and swim (not a good mix!) and upon getting into the canoe from the little nasty swimming hole, the canoe was tipping and fish hooks were flying and HIS fish hook (complete with a worm -nightcrawler!) went into my buttocks - more like buttcheek but you get the point! I freeked out that I would maybe start foaming at the mouth because I had gotten tetnus from his nasty fish hook - but I survived - it hurt ALOT but here I am... foam free!

7. I wake up every day and greet it with the notion that it could be the best day of my life! My step-dad taught me that and he is an amazing man with a lot of knowledge and when with him he always asks me "Maggie, did you know that today could be the BEST day of your life?!"

Thanks for letting me share. I hope YOU have a wonderful day :-) You deserve it!

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