Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring in MN

It is a balmy 50 degrees outside today and there is some snow - but it isn't white - it is a brownish black from the mud! And when I say mud, I mean M-U-D! My daughter, being the Buster she is, took one look at the M-U-D and went straight for it! However, not completely on purpose! You see, she is still a bit tipsy in her frog boots and while heading for the yard she did what looked like a semi-somersault and when face first into the M-U-D!!! Her then pink Colombia jacket, hat, mittens, and snow pants were covered in the mud and muck! As well as her face! :-( Poor dear had no idea what hit her! Everything is now in the washing machine, and Miss Josie is asleep.... dreaming of mud!

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