Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eeevery Rose Has It's Thorn....

Ok, so I have had this series of dreams where I am dating Brett Michaels from Poison! Shhh... Don't tell Brian! Ha! :-)
Anyways, the long flowing hair of the musician is the only thing I remember when I wake up! What do we think this means?????

Quite possibly that I am envious of his long locks!?
Last year, right about this time my sister and I CHOPPED and I mean put a fork in it I'm done CHOPPED our hair off! We were going for the Ellen cut - short, funky, easy, ya know? NO! NO! NO! It was none of the above... I really didn't enjoy it after the 1st day and now I just want my long hair back! Or I can just dream about Brett Michaels hair instead :-)

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