Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Puppy Chow

This just in:

My darling, sneaky, strong-willed daughter is OBSESSED with dog food.


She is completely smitten with D-O-G-F-O-O-D {Eeeeew!} It's SO TRAGIC!

At first it began as a curiosity thing... she would see his dish in the kitchen, walk up to it, pick up a kernel, put it on the floor, pick up another one, put it in his water dish, TIP his water dish over, splash in the water, etc. etc. etc.

But now, my dear friends, it is no longer about "curiosity"

it's about the NEED to be IN. THE. DISH!

Let me take you back to this past Thursday.....

I am in my funeral clothes, preparing to go to my grandfather's funeral and Miss Thang is watching some toons... so I go downstairs and get her clothes to get her ready for the day (gone about 15 seconds - the child CANNOT be trusted.)

I come back up to find my daughter squatting in the kitchen with a face resembling that of a chipmunk with full cheeks...

I jump into "Mommy Mode"

do a finger sweep thru her mouth (reminded me of what we learned in First Aid for a Heimlich maneuver victim) and sent the (amazingly huge amount) of dog food all over the floor!

My choice of words at this rather disgusting, smelly, super gross moment:


A sign of the times to come? Perhaps.

Maybe someday she will be a Veterinarian


a Pet-Food-Taste-Tester (do they exist)

you just never know....

All I can say is that our daughter does a BEE LINE for the dog dish if it is in her reach, or eye sight (we have been trying to keep it up until she is distracted, so our dear dog can eat - poor fella)

The whole thing makes me gag. 'Nough said.

Hugs and Dog Kisses to you,


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