Monday, January 5, 2015

FuNkY FrEsH!

Hi Friends!!!
So, the New Year is upon us... HAPPY 2015!!!!
Happy New Year Crown DIY!
***** Yaaay!!!*****
This is the time of year that I CRAVE color!!  Color in my home and color in my clothing - All Fall I focus on neutral colors and the yummy reds, golds, oranges.. etc.  And then Christmas hits and I am all about the RED and GREEN festivities!  Well, the tree is in the bonfire pit and the decorations are packed up, and did I mention that it is like 40 below zero here??? 
 So it's time to let er rip!
Let's EMBRACE the colors!!!!
I started out with some brand spanking new bright blue ski tights!  
Homestretch Run Tight
Thank you Athleta!!!
Fast Track Half Zip
I also got a yummy buttery yellow top - it's scrumptious!
Once again, thanks to Athleta.... you rock my world!
p.s. if you see me in this get-up at Target more than one time this winter, just shake it off!  I think I may live in this outfit.  It's warm, cozy and bright! 
Here is some more "Pin-Spiring - colorful beauty for you to indulge in this morning - so grab your large mug of coffee and enjoy!
Bohemian Cuff
love this
COLOR!!!   I love him!
Isn't he to die for!!!????
I want this hanging in my living room!
seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: Yarn Storage Ideas
When I walk into a yarn store, all of my control is left at the door.... I am like a small child in an antique store... I MUST touch everything!!!!!  Hold it up to my face... nuzzle the softness!  Kind of a freak!
dark gray walls (Behr Ultra Trail Prints) + coral dresser (Farmhouse Red by Behr)
I want this collection of hats PLEASE!!!???
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

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