Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hey Saturday!

Happy Saturday Lovely Friends.....
beadsofwords: для тебя, любовь моя. Это черные, как ваша душа, я клянусь ... просто немного сливочного)))
How was your week??
Ours was GREAT - a little bit warmer out, so we have been on our backyard skating rink!  AND - this afternoon I leave for a big Sunday Ski in Wisconsin!!!  The Birkie Tour - I can hardly WAIT!!!  Pitures from The Birkie coming next week!
Here's a little catch up on life around here lately.....
Barbie Land was set up in our living room for about a week... even a pool and waterslide!  We have now cleaned it up, but  I am still stepping on itty bitty stilleto heels every once in a while -
Sweet Sasafrass that hurts!!!!   
I got a haircut!!!  Out with the old and in with the new!
(this just in: I am a horrible "selfie" taker... sorry 'bout that)
 It's super easy! I ordered a few new Buff headbands on to try out!
~Cheers to New Years and a New Look!~
** While I had my hair cut, Josie took pictures on my phone of pretty brides in a bridal hair book!  I think it was probably from the 1980's and there are about 70 pictures on my phone of some stellar looks!  Anybody wanna come play dress-up with us???
{sidenote: she also got slightly yelled at by the hairdressers for pumping the chair up as high as it would go.... Yikes!  that night in the bathtub we had a little Come to Jesus meeting about how she got yelled at and I told her that she needed to just pray for the nice ladies that were perhaps just having a bad day, or had just gotten a bad haircut and raised their voice at her... it was a good lesson... amen.}
Hubby and I celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss last weekend! 
We had a little overnight getaway in our hometown, and went and saw Selma at the theatre!  This just in:  You. Must. Go. See. This. Movie!!!!
It is powerful, amazing, real, and beautifully done!  At several points in the movie I was crying.... To think that these things actually occured, and not that long ago... thank you Martin Luether King Jr.  for all of your passion and wisdom.
My sis taught me how to knit in the round (circular needles - whoop whoop!) several weeks ago and I am THRILLED to report that it has gone AWESOME!!!!  Once I finish the cowl I am almost done with... I am going to get some yummy yarn and whip up a beanie...
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