Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the best kinda wednesdy.

Good Morning y'all!
Coming to you live from my very quiet and peaceful kitchen this morning...
I am drinking green tea over ice, with a dash of honey (can we say yum?)
and the dog is sleeping on my feet. 
What a great start to a Wednesday! 
So, as I said earlier... we had family visit this past weekend, and it was GLORIOUS (to say the least)
So glorious that I took about 2 1/2 pictures, so really don't have much to share, but I will say this....
a sweet southern accent can turn any one's day around!
Our family, on my mother's side come from the south... and my grandma, for as long as I can remember had a sweet southern accent and divine hospitality!  
I'm pretty sure my husband turned to me on Sunday and asked why I was talking with a Southern accent, and my response...
"Why Not? It's in my GENE'S ya know!?"
(ya know is pretty much a Minnesotan thing... I like to mix it up a little! Work with me people!)
Pinned Image
do you love this canvas?? (totally random... but fabulous!!!)
Pinned Image
i think this one is my favorite!!!! I LOVE turquoise right now!

--> Look for Kathe Fraga on Pinterest!

Today's agenda is: 
Farmer's Market in town
and PARK!
THIS JUST IN:  I love Summer!  amen.

couple other things I am lovin':
The Dixie Dress - organic toddler girls dress in rainbow flag bunting with orange / eco friendly summer fashion (made to order)
ohhhhhhh beeee stillll my heart!
go HERE and get one for your bundle of LOVE asap! 
and last but not least let's discuss how to die for this tote is....
TOTE BAG...Aquamarine (with leather strap)....large size (featured on Etsy front page)

TOTE BAG...Aquamarine (with leather strap)....large size (featured on Etsy front page)
the little leather detailing is about the BEST!!!!!
(p.s. I may or may not have this very bag on it's way to my house as we speak!
notevenkidding! AH!)
Get yours HERE!



  1. if you love me ----you will sneak into your momma's purse closet and get me the anthro one with the bike on it---just to borrow for a few weeks!!!! whoop whoop!

  2. I love your plans for the day! I wish we had a local farmer's market nearby! :)

  3. So many great things in this post...but the turquoise birds?! SO BEAUTIFUL!

    Hope you have a beautiful day! : )

  4. great finds! that canvas is stunning! glad you had a great weekend!!

    pinterest?! umm hello lets follow each other!

  5. *gasp* I was hoping for a lobster picture! Oh yes that southern accent can be so contagious - when I hear some of my coworkers talk with their heavy Georgia accent (or when I watch Paula Deen)I feel like I have to start talking like that too! And I'm not from the South! Not to mention that I'm not even from this country!
    BTW I love that purse!

  6. I think you know it's been a good time when you totally forget to take pictures. ;)

  7. LOVE LOVE Those have such awesome style!


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