Thursday, June 7, 2012

sand in the bathtub.

i am so excited to head home and see dear friends and family!
(promise to take pictures)
there will be grilled steak and lobster involved...
for now, i bid you farewell and wish you a lovely weekend!
oh yes,
Summer has officially began in our household!!! 
we have dug our feet in the sand, played at the beach, swam, and hung our towels on the deck to dry!
the sweet smell of outdoors calls to me each morning!
** also calling to me each morning is my new Nine West sun hat!!
(Thank you TJ MAXX!)
and blessings to you my friends!


  1. Okay one, I'm going to apologize for scolding you on Facebook about not posting... considering you just did ;) Two, LOBSTER!? You best have a big ol' serving in my honor my dear! Three, I think we need to have a blog date. Like a laptops & coffee in hand blog date. Got it? Good! Have a marvelous weekend lovely! I'm so sad we didn't get to see you this week. And I STILL need to get you my Kindle. I'll be calling you shortly. Hopefully I can get it over to you in time so you can read some this weekend!

  2. Happy summer! I just love going to the beach! We've been once already and I can't to go again!

  3. Woohoo I got your reply! Well why did noone ever tell me about the whole responding to email thingy?? I love it! And I love that you'll get to see your family and friends and eat lobster (actually, I'm very jealous!)and all of it on a Friday, when little non-vaca me is going to sit in the office all day! Enjoy my friend!

  4. ummm yeah ... I am lovin the hat!

    p.s. I have never had lobster?!


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