Wednesday, August 29, 2012

an apple a day.

while i am on this autumn kick... i thought i would scour pinterest for some yummy treat ideas!
do you have a favorite treat/snack/candy that you indulge in this time of year?
one of my FAVORITES is caramel apples!
ohhhhh the sticky delciousness!!!
ohhhhhh the fillings that can be pulled from your tooth!
ohhhh how worth it!
autumn treats
let's discuss this table and the decor, shall we??!!!
swooning over the large puffy flowers!
and the simple white tray & cake plate....
just adorable.

Autumn Treats
sunflower seeds?!
who would have thought!?
i love!!

halloween drinks treats easy kids crafts DIY halloween-autumn-fall-holidays-herfst-najaar

Yummy sweet and salty treats for any autumn party. DSC_0143_8906
and salty
and sweet
and delectable!

are you drooling yet?
my job here is done!
p.s.  i think i would like to go and hunker down in this room for awhile!
Cozy autumn decor


  1. yes , yes, and yes!!!! I told my husband I cant remember the last time I was cold and needed socks...seriously fall hurry up!!!

  2. i'm pining for fall. bad. that living room...yes please!

  3. You just made my heart pitter patter with joy. Oh me oh my it is almost FALL!!!!!


    PS: I've missed you.
    PPS: I cannot wait to wear the things you made me when the weather gets cool :-D


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