Sunday, August 5, 2012

falling leaves please.

Good Sunday Morning my dears! 
I just stuck my head outside, and let out a small CHEER!!!
It is actually brisk this morning...
A light, cool, glorious breeze!
One might even require a small sweater this morning!
{my mom would say "cardigan"}
Unbelievable my friends!
It has been SO HOT, HUMID, and flat out NASTY out lately -
over it completely!
-this mama is THRILLED about the cool down-
(even if it only lasts for the day - Ha!)
So let's discuss some DARLING Autumn finds, shall we?

Minimal Pumpkin 8x12 signed black and white photo Fall Autumn shabby home decor earthy natural beauty for Halloween
found HERE!
love love love the long, curly vine!
just precious! 
Autumn Weave Tote - Leather Trim - Pouch Style - OOAK - Ready to Ship
perfect for all of your necessities, and loving the AUTUMNAL colors!
:) i have a slight purse obsession!!!
get yours HERE!

Crochet Dishcloths Cotton in Autumn Fall Brown, Ecru, Tangerine
I have a slew of these dishcloths - and they are A-mazing!!!

throwing this in for good measure!!
My baby wasn't quite a year old - 
her first Duck Hunting Opener!!!
{those cheeks - love them}
in other news:
~our dog has been in heat, was fixed on Friday and is a WILD ANIMAL wearing a cone!
~my daughter is watching The Little Mermaid on VHS (that's how we roll) 
~I am still in my bathrobe, and must go get ready for church now!
Later Gators,

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  1. Hi!!!!!!!!!!! How have you been? I am SO ready for Fall!


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