Friday, May 14, 2010

Horses, Cattles and calves oh my!!!

So this past weekend Josie and I loaded up the good ole Bravada with about a trillion bins, boxes, and miscellanious items for my sisters annual garage sale (3 and a half hours away I might add)! Now let me tell you, in western Minnesota they DO NOT mess around when it comes to garage saleing! We had advertised that we would be open 3-6 on Friday and the cars were parked and people were waiting outside of the garage door at 2:55! It was a complete success, and totally not what this post is about! :-) sorry.... now where was I... oh yes... the drive there was a 3 and a half hour one and most of it was back woods style - scenic country - DELCIOUS to the eyes! I have a dream to live on a farm with horses, chickens, goats (maybe), cats, dogs, and the whole nine yards... until then I bask on my 1 acre spread with all I've got! So as I am driving it just got better and better - farm after farm!!! I would squeel and yell back to Josie (as if she understood - poor lass) "Look at the mama cow!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh Josie look at the baby!!!!!!!!! The baby is nursing... you didn't nurse... but that's ok!!! Ohhhh look at the horses Josie! Aren't hey beeeautiful? Someday mommy will take you riding!" Yadda Yadda Yaddda... I was so tempted to get my camera out and snap a few (or 80) shots of the creatures we came across, but alas, we had a garage sale to run! Money to make! And people waiting!

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