Monday, May 17, 2010

Up, Up and AWAY!!!

This past weekend, my hubby had the baby all to himself at his parents house (I was away on a girls weekend - more about that soon!) and informed me that Josie had pulled herself up to stand 3 times! Twice on a foot stool and once on a saucer! The girls got strength - let me tell you - her arms are ginormous!
So... this morning as I am cleaning and chugging coffee (a girls weekend doesn't include much sleep) I look to see how Buster is doing and there she is - getting ready to stand by the coffee table! I dropped my mop... grabbed the camera... and it was like watching Bambi try to stand!!! Up she went and then she had no idea what to do... so she just fell over and kept playing! What a CHAMP! :- )

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