Monday, May 24, 2010

ThE LeGo InCiDeNt...

Ok, so one of the main reasons why I started this blog (actually the only reason) was to share with the world all of my stories! What kind of stories you might ask, my oh my let me tell you this girl has got stories! :-) From growing up behind a bait shop and trying to save minnows - (this bait shop eventually turned into a strip club when I was 11 (a whole different story) - to studying abroad in the mountains of Spain - to meeting my hunky delicous dimpled husband (it's true!) - to giving birth to a buster ... I have alot to share! And can hardly wait! So... on with the show... this blog selection is entitled "The Lego Incident" and stars none other than myself and my adorable yet "up to no good" nephew Willem - I call him Willfred:

Now to give you a bit of background information let me just tell you that after Josie was born and was 2 weeks old to the day, we packed our suitcases, a newborn, and the dog (of course) and headed to the prairie to stay with my sister and her family (Willfred's mom - my sister - an angel sent from above) for what ended up being one solid month so my hubby could help a friend combine corn! We needed money - the corn needed to be combined - so that was that! It was one of the BEST BLESSINGS in the world - I was dealing with postpardum depression and my sister had alot of experience to share! Ok... back to the story:
So, one evening my darling sister has agreed to take the crying baby (she was going thru a fussy stage - help me Rhonda!) so I can go upstairs to the bathtub to shave my legs and relax! So there I sit.... water up to my chin.... legs dangling here and there. head back. eyes closed. and hanging on by a thread - child birth is not for the weary my friends - completely unaware of the fact that little ole' Willfred had made his way up the grand staircase and was doing whatever he pleased in the next room! So.... my head is back and my eyes are closed and all of the sudden a little hand comes around my neck and little tiny edible fingers shove a lego in my mouth! And Willem says in his little old man voice "You eat it." Now not only am I practically peeing all over myself AND in my bath water, but I am also trying not to swallow the small lego that has been shoved into my esophogas! So I gasp... flail around for a bit... come to after almost drowning and look and there stands Willfred - a not quite naked 1 year old in his size 3 diaper (what Josie wears now!) staring at me! Not laughing. Not smiling. Just looking at me and wanting to know how the lego tasted! I busted out laughing and he kind of grins non-chalantly and goes walking out of the room as though he hadn't just seen his Auntie's post pregnancy body drowning it's sorrows away! (Poor little fella!) God love him!
Happy Bathing y'all!

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