Wednesday, July 25, 2012

about a mini horse.

when life gives you a miniature horse in the middle of the road on a rainy day...
you throw the van into park and rescue it!

at least, that's what I did!  but not without my brave sidekick Chelsea ...
let me share...

we went to the beach, got rained out (bummer)... so we packed up and headed home.
about 2 miles down the road (chelsea is behind me) 3 or 4 cars are pulled over 
and a large animal is running - down the middle of the road -
once i saw it was a miniature horse, i immediately pulled over 
(my horse loving heart went into panic mode!)
** where had this animal come from?
** where was it's owner?
** how did it end up running in the middle of the road?
** was it looking for a Starbucks???
i mean, come on now people!!!!
i pulled over,
turned off the van,
got out (in my bare feet, bathingsuit and cover up.. Lord help us all!)
very calmly and quietly tried to get it to come to me.
poor thang was scared to death!!!
several of us (including the incredible miss chelsea) 
tried to surround it and get it back to it's home, 
and do everything we could to prevent it from getting hit!

eventually we got it into some long grass, it started to eat, and we got it calmed down.
an awesome girl had a dog leash that we used to wrap around it... 
and another awesome person walked it over to his own fence and tied it up until he could walk it home.
he made the comment that these people shouldn't even HAVE this horse... and i completely agree!!!
if you can't properly care for and keep your animals (pets) safe... then you should not have them!
there are a TON of people that would be willing to take it, give it a home and love it!

took all i had not to put that sweet horse in the back of my van!

(husband, if you're reading this.. i didn't... not to worry!)

Thanks for listening to my story!!!!
And Chelsea... thank you for being such a ROCK STAR horse whisperer with me!
All in a days work!


  1. OH MY WORD. You two. This should be a series "The Crazy Antics of Mamasita & Chelsea." ;) Love you both!

  2. Way to go little lady!!! That's right...all in a days work!

  3. oh this is a good story! how many kidlets were in the sleek minivan when the run away pony was apprehended? i can just see you running down the hyw in barefeet and a swimsuit---yelling "here pony, pony, pony!!!!" : )

  4. Love this story!!! So glad you saved him :) a bird flew into our window yesterday it was so sad and I don't even like birds


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