Friday, July 6, 2012

fill in the blank friday.

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"If I could get away for the day, I would go...."
to the ocean!
stairs to the ocean

the salty air.
my feet in the sand.
shells on the beach.
the sound of nature at it's finest.

to the ocean...

oh how i love the ocean!
where would YOU go?

be blessed today!


  1. Me, too! I love the beach!! It's definitely my favorite! Oh! And that new picture of you holding the chicken is out-of-this-world fabulous! You look great--love it! XOXO

  2. lol. Maggie I live a block from the bay and moments from the Gulf. Considering me and my girls all consider ourselves cowgirls at heart (we live in our boots), if we could get away for the day, we would spend the day on a farm. I'm Erica and I have chicken coop envy :)

  3. Come on over :) Our ocean is cold, but pretty!

  4. I would love to go to the ocean, but I also love cold places!

  5. I would go to the mountains.
    and if not the mountains ... the ocean with you.
    either would be just fine.

  6. Yep, I would definitely be at the beach :) By the ocean...on some remote a hammock under a palm tree...sipping coconut milk...mmmmhhmmm.


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