Thursday, July 19, 2012

oh i love!

Good Thursday Morning sweeties!

Thank you all SO MUCH for signing up for my giveaway!
There is still time... so if you haven't, go HERE and sign yourself up to win some loot!
A winner will be picked SATURDAY - bright and early - cause that's how I roll!

Here's some things I have been swooning over this week...

i want one of these
--> mama needs one of these!  STAT!

10 Rooms: Choosing the right grey...
--> i am honest to goodness thinking about painting my living room grey!
i love how it looks cozy, yet open at the same time... 
once there is a breeze, it's not 100 degrees out, and i can open the windows and paint... 
a painting i will go!

JUNIEblake Kasey dress.  this looks so cute and comfy!
for real.
i may or may not need to order this dress!
right away.
i love the color - makes me think of sherbet!
and i LOOOVE how you can add a belt!!!
i signed up for 3 JUNIEblake giveaways yesterday...
ohhh how i hope i win!!!

Coral coral coral
cute? yes! 
AND they would match the dress above it!!!!!!!!
alrighty chick-a-dee's...
Have a STELLAR Thursday!


  1. oh I can't wait for it to be nice enough to open the windows!!!

    Are you an early bird Maggie?!! Say it 'aint so :)

  2. I have the BEST color gray for your walls EVER. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter...Home Depot can color match for you if you don't have an Ace Hardware around. It is the perfect, warm gray. Gray can be really hard because it can look like a battle ship if you aren't careful...which is great if you are painting a battle ship....not so great if it is the inside of your house! It's just warm enough on cold, dark winter days you don't feel depressed inside your house. It's the color we painted all the living, dining, kitchen, hall and entry of our house.

    p.s. SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to open windows...I miss that cool evening breeze!

  3. Love your picks as always! And I just love and adore your blog, so I gave you a Blog Award :) Check it out my friend!

  4. ...... all good ideas! I hope you get some relief from the heat and enjoy your weekend!

  5. Oh mama, I'm so with you on needing an organizer like photo 1. We have a mud room/utility room that doubles as the informal/casual entry to our home. I've got one side looking pretty dang cute, but the other wall is where the hot water heater sits and it needs so TLC for sure. Thanks for the source!!


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