Monday, July 2, 2012

on balance and a few other things :)

last week i wrote this blog post on balance,
and today i found this on pinterest and it really went with what i was going for last week....

enjoy every step of the journey
truly BEAUTIFUL!!!

wake up and move those mountains my friends!!!

i also wanted to share with you a friends blog post from today...
Nat's post spoke directly to my heart and soul, and i think so many people can relate to it...
check it out here!

we spent the morning at the B-E-A-C-H with the ever darling Chelsea!
you can read all about our adventure (boy was it ever) on her post today HERE!
Love you GIRL!

Happy Day to each of you!
don't forget...
stay cool
for reals!


  1. I love that! Enjoy every step of the journey...perfect words!

  2. You're cool too gorgeous.

    I really need a beach in my life soon.


  3. Love that quote! Glad you had a good beach day. : )

  4. Beautiful quote and so true! And ooooohhhhh... I love your new header, it's so pretty!


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