Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness - Days 11, 12, 13 & 14

Happy Monday Sweet Friends...
I am getting caught up after a much needed weekend out of town!
We had a wonderful time amongst family and got to play, relax, enjoy each other and now we are back and ready to hit the pavement and catch up! :-) I missed my blog friends, to tell the truth!
I hope you all had a safe and happy weekend as well!!!
Day 11
I am thankful for music.
Music can set a mood, change a mood, make you laugh - cry - or both...
I have begun listening to Christmas music
(dug it out awhile ago despite my husbands grumbling)
and it's amazing how it puts you into the Christmas spirit - one of my all time favorite songs is Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven"...
what an unbelievable job Mary was given, to carry such a miraculous human being. I love listening to the words of this song and envisioning the birth of our loving and caring Jesus...
~my oh my how BLESSED we are~
Day 12
I am thankful for the warm sun...
As I am sitting here, typing away on the couch... the sun is shining in and making me feel so warm, despite the cold weather that is outside, it reminds me of my light that I choose to let shine every day...
I want to let my light warm people's hearts and souls just as the sun is warming me!
~Choosing JOY today!!!~
Day 13
I am thankful for SMILES!
Have you ever been walking around, feeling like you're in a slump or rut - your head is spinning with thoughts and out of the blue, somebody - perhaps a stranger - flashes you a SMILE and it's as though they are telling you...
Hey, everything is going to be ALRIGHT - Don't worry - Be Happy!
I think that's what smiles are for!
Day 14
I am thankful for Fridays.
This sounds super silly, but it's real! I LOVE a good, relaxing, enjoyable FRIDAY!
It's the end of the week - some days off are on the horizon AND it's pizza night...
it always was when I was growing up - pizza night - and continues to be!
The doorbell rings, and Josie yells "YAY my PIZZA!" and all is right with the world.
-Enough said!-
So great to be back!
Much love to all of you...


  1. I love Breath of Heaven, too! Celine Dion's Christmas is also amazing. Also Faith Hill's A Baby Changes Everything...oh my goodness. So moving! You can youtube her singing it live.

  2. Music...sunshine...smiles...Fridays...four good things, for sure!!


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