Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness Days 23 - 25

Good Morning and Happy Sunday my dears...
I have much catching up to do on blogging, but for VERY good reason...
We thoroughly enjoyed our Thanksgiving celebrations
(2 meals - count em' 2!!!! I am stuffed to the gills!)
and now have been enjoying being home as a family, relaxing, enjoying each other!
I love nothing more than that :-)
~I hope each and every one of you had a blessed Thanksgiving!!
Day 23
I am thankful for a reliable vehicle.
I drive a minivan - not gonna lie - I LOVE IT! - it is referred to as The Sleek Mini Van and my husband teases me relentlessly, as do many other people, but me and the ole' Town and Country mobile, get along fabulously! She's (yes, it's a girl) a Peach!
Have you ever had a vehicle that makes you happy!? And you know that it will get you from point A to point B? It's quite lovely...
Now, on the other hand, I have driven vehicles that make my blood pressure rise and steam come out of my ears because they just aren't all that lovable ... flat tires (every other day), problems with belts, pulleys, etc... (not a huge car facts chick) spending many hours roadside waiting for a handsome man (named Brian - love you honey) to come and tow you out of a ditch.. Ugh!
A good, safe vehicle is what I am loving!
Day 24
I am thankful for laughter.
The kind of gut laughter where you are almost laughing silently, and you think you may cry! Yeah, that's the kind... my BFF and I, we have mastered the art of "silent laughter" and the funny thing is, a lot of times it happens on the phone, so you don't know if your call has been lost, or if the other person is bent over, laughing, trying to catch their breath... usually from my end there is a snort involved (once I really get rolling, I snort every once in a while!)
*** I have a quote taped up on my cupboard from a magazine a long time ago, and it is so true:
"Children laugh an average of three hundred or more times a day, adults laugh an average of five times a day. WE have a lot of catching up to do!" ~Heather King
Do a gut laugh at least once this week. Ok? And if you can't... call me! :-)
Day 25
I am thankful for photography.
My refrigerator is COV-ER-ED in pictures! Not. even. kidding.
They range from pictures of Josie as a wee little lass, to current toddler Josie pictures, old pictures of Brian and I as children, my grandmother holding my mom, pictures of me riding horse... each and every one is as precious as the other and they bring me the utmost joy!
Capturing memories on film (yes, I have a film camera) or on a digital camera (yes, I have one of these too. No worries) OR on the camera of your phone... there is just nothing quite like grabbing that moment in thin air and being able to go back and look at it time and time again.
ok... I am on grilled cheese duty, so I must go...
BUT, have no fear... I will be back!
Much love to you my dears...


  1. such lovely things to be thankful for! :) while i am thankful for my vehicle....i can't say that its reliable. :( hopefully that will be remedied soon! ;) hugs to you my dear!

  2. yep, you and i can make each other laugh like no other! A dose of you is like sunshine-love your wicked humor my friend! beth

  3. Adults...5 times a day? How sad!!!! We definitely have some catching up to do!!

    Lucky you on your two meals! Yum yum, gobble gobble!

    You had me laughing at your belts and pulleys bit... I am not a car facts gal, either. Belts and pulleys sounds like something I would say. ;0)

  4. I have been a little absent from your blog lately but it's lovely to catch up. I really love all your 'thankful' posts as they continually remind me of all my blessings.

    As for laughter, well, it's always tougher when those cold bugs strike and we are all very sniffly at the moment... but every time my little one laughs, I can't help but laugh with him! He has always been able to laugh even in the midst of suffering from teething, colds or whatever. I know you and I always agree that we learn a lot from our kids!

    Have a happy week, sweet Maggie!


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