Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness - Days 19 & 20

**Good Morning and Happy Sunday sweet friends**
I hope this finds all of you enjoying a peaceful morning...
Enjoy your day!
Day 19
I am thankful for the.... wait for it....
as predicted, we got a whole slew of snow yesterday afternoon and all thru the evening!
It was magical, beautiful, and as Josie puts it "Cool!"
I opened the shades this morning and the white glow was all around... I am thoroughly enjoying it (can you tell!?) as well as my "fireside blend" coffee, flannel pajamas, a Charlie Brown Christmas (Linus is my FAV) and the sounds of my daughter sucking her pacifier (girlfriend can be heard from a block away, I swear!)
I LOVE a white Thanksgiving!!!
Gobble Gobble
Day 20
I am thankful for a "family day!!"
The Hubster is home, until early tomorrow morning (boooo) so we have taken advantage of some much needed time together!
We had a DEEEELICIOUS lunch out yesterday
(a smal highlight from sitting in a booth with miss thang is seeing her turn around to the people next door and saying "Hey Guys!"
... oh how i love her!!!),
and then went to run some errands.. including getting miss josie some winter boots (she picked them out... 'nough said!) and a W-A-R-M winter hat (mama picked it out! thankyouverymuch!)
then we came home and put a movie in and reeeeeelaxed!
I adore my little family more than anything in the whole wide world!!!!!
~Soaking it all up today~

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