Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday!

dark mornings....
in the neck of the woods where i dwell, here in the wonderful land called minnesota...
it is VERY dark in the mornings still... it is 7:15 AM and looks like the middle of the night outside...
this can make it kind of rough to get up in the morning, but i am adapting to this morning "darkness" quite well, actually...
i am up after my hubby leaves for work, but before josie is awake! it is quiet, and i have time to think about things, reflect, e-n-j-o-y!
here's what's ticking thru my noggen this morning...
-so happy brian is home from working in a different state.. he's our rock.
-toddler beds are a HUGE transition... kinda wish they made cribs with ultra high sides :-)
-gosh this dunkin' doughnuts "mocha mint" coffee is deeeeelic'
-i wonder when we'll get the first snowfall! i want to go outside and catch snowflakes on my tongue and play!!! :-) can we say child at heart?
-the fact that target makes yoga pants in longs (i am 6 feet tall) really rocks my world
-gotta shave my legs one of these days.. preferably before my next pedicure {that's a whole nother blog post... but let's just say i scared the poor man who was going to paint my toesies! i hadn't shaved my legs for a while... seriously!}
-brrr... what is the heat temperature set at anyways?!
-i think i'll burn a candle! or maybe 3...
-maybe i can go and ride horse this weekend!? ohhh i hope so!!!!
-yay for thanksgiving crafts! turkeys are SO easy! :-)
-ooop, outta coffee... better get more...
ok, that was totally random... but REAL! just a little glimpse into my mornings!
i hope each of you has a SpecTacUlar Thursday!!!!
Blessings to each of you precious chickies,
{my nickname from my summer nanny when i was a wee chick.. i like it! still!}


  1. You are so cute. I cannot even take what is going through your head. I love it.

    I may have to try that Dunkin' Donuts coffee! I never heard of it!

    Ha- I love that you haven't shaved your legs. My friend texted me the other day saying she was going to the doctor for pain she was having in her knee and how she was bummed because she was going to have to break down and shave ;)

    <3 Happy Thursday!

  2. I never knew you were 6 feet tall!! :) How cool, love learning new things about fellow bloggers! This was such a fun post!! I too love early mornings when the house is asleep and it's just me and my coffee or tea pondering my thoughts!!

    I can't wait for snow either!! I hope we get lots in Portland, OR!!!!

    Have a wonderful day hun!

    xoxo Denise

  3. I call my mom Magpie! (Her name is Margaret).

    This post is so warm and cozy, I think I'm gonna have to brew some coffee and light some candles . . .


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