Wednesday, November 9, 2011


*** when i was a little girl, we had 2 ponds behind our house and one in particular was our skating rink...
the entire family would go down with shovels (my dad even brought down the snow blower) and clear off all the snow...
then it was TIME!
hockey sticks, pucks, nets, yes... that is all very fun indeed...
but my FAVORITE thing to do was pretend i was nancy kerrigan at the winter olympics...
now this is a VERY big stretch for wobbly ankled, weak kneed, never a lesson in her life little old me... but a girl can dream, can't she???***
here's to childhood memories and dreams AND to nancy kerrigan...


  1. Oh! I wanted to be an iceskater when I was growing up, too!! I have so many memories of skating at the park rink every winter. I must be a lot older than you,though, because I was already married when Nancy skated! :)

  2. ohhhhh I took ice skating lessons when I was 7 & 8 I thought I was headed to the Olympics!

  3. cool that you grew up with a pond! We had a pond too...but how crazy is it (or lame) that we never went ice skating? And, I always wanted to be Mary Lou Rettin. She was my idol as a 5-year-old. I even had a similar hair cut lol!

  4. Ha! I used to pretend that I was Elizabeth Manley (a Canadian skater). Except I was on the linoleum in my socks most of the time :)


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