Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness - Days 7 & 8

Day 7
I am thankful for horses.
Now, this may sound silly, but you see, I have this thing for horses!
When I was a little girl, I grew up in town with zero experience around large animals... except for the very large, very mean black lab that chased me down one day.
Most of my school/church friends were also from in town, so I never ventured out to farms...
Long story short... when I started college in a small town on a prairie, there was a "Saddle Club" and you could join/volunteer to help care for students/professors horses if they were out of town, etc... Well SIGN ME UP!!! I joined, I fell in LOVE with every aspect of it and some days after class I would just walk thru the stables just for the smell of horses.... it was an escape.. a release, if you will!
Since graduating from college, I haven't had a ton of people to ride horse with, but there have been some, and for that I am blessed!!!
I have done a lot of work this past year with a horse shelter about 30 miles away and it has changed me.... these beautiful animals, mistreated, starved, used, it breaks my heart. But knowing that I can give my time and energy to work with these amazing creatures not only gives me hope, but them too. The littlest things do indeed count!!
Day 8
I am thankful for mine and my families health.
I lost my grandmother several years ago due to lung cancer, and I think sometimes it takes loosing someone so incredibly important to you to finally wake up and realize how very very precious life is!!!!
The time in my life, when my grandmother lost her battle, was a very difficult time for me. I was selfish, foolish, unaware of just what bad decisions I was making. And when she was gone, I felt like a little piece of me was gone too.
It has taken years and years of healing, prayer, and soul searching to finally fill up that space.
EVERY MORNING I am thankful for my own health and the health of all of the vital people in my life!!!
We are SO truly blessed and have this one chance at life,
so treating EACH AND EVERY NEW DAY with a happy heart and positive outlook makes the utmost sense to this healed and happy mama!!!!


  1. Amen! I am thankful for every single God give day I have on this earth! :0)

    Love what you had to say about horses. They are gorgeous, graceful animals. My mother in law (lives on a farm!) said the same thing about their smell... she loves to smell horses! I thought that was kind of odd at the time, but I guess I get it... kinda.

  2. beautiful posts Maggie. You are such a love!
    xo beth

  3. I love horses!!! I miss my horses on our ranch up in Nebraska and I like to think they miss me, too :) I'm so thankful for that experience, there's just nothing like riding up high on the back of such a powerful animal--it's exhilarating. A horse shelter sounds like a wonderful place to volunteer.


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