Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The weather has taken a DRASTIC change {to cold} and I LOVE IT!!!
The heat in our home is turned ON...
the slippers are OUT...
a yummy candle is BURNING...
and I have been a complete knitting freak!
The only thing missing is Nat King Cole singing "Oh Holy Night" ... but I'm afraid my husband would disown me.... sorry Nat... gotta wait a month or so!
Happy Tuesday friends... over here in the norsk it is Tantrum Tuesday... for REALZ!
Praying for a peaceful afternoon/evening/rest of the week...
Gotta love toddlers!


  1. send some of that "brrr" this way please....its 98 here today....true story! hugs!

  2. i think i need those slippers...love them...and we've been listening to Christmas music for about two weeks now...my husband just rolls his eyes:) (the dress is from gap, such a fun fall pick)

  3. I wish I had those socks to put on my feet AND I wish I could knit! So jealous!

  4. ahh, we have similar lives! cold minnesota weather and tantrums. the only difference is that my daughter is almost 5! love those socks!! i think i need a pair!


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