Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mama's Happy - DO NOT MISS THIS!

Hello Lovely Friends... Happy Tuesday to each of you!
This past weekend, prior to heading to my mothers for our girls weekend, my BFF and I got to stop by an occasional sale at an incredible place called:
and oh how happy did it make this mama!!!
if you live anywhere near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, you MUST head to Mound and see this TO DIE FOR shop!!!!
They have the BEST
hand crafted treasures from wall to ceiling!
The entire shop was an "Ah ha" moment!
INSPIRATION'S everywhere!
You cannot miss this!
So I am providing you with all the info:
click HERE for their web page
and you can also find them on FACEBOOK at Mamas Happy! of course!
Here are a few more snapshots to entice you EVEN MORE:
Go enjoy your slice of HAPPY! You will be so glad you did!


  1. I'm nowhere near there so I can't stop by the occasional sale! Why is it called that, anyway? lol
    I LOVE the Mama's Happy sign!!! That definitely looks like my kinda place!!

  2. What a lovely-looking store! I'm on another continent but if ever I'm in the area...!


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