Monday, October 17, 2011


so... apparently miss josie is paying a lot closer attention to her dear mama then i was aware of...
friday night she was fresh out of the bath, naked as naked can be and sitting on the potty chair...
we are in the beginning stages of potty training... it's a day by day basis... as my sister said "she will love using the potty, then get forclempt one day and not want to anymore."
girlfriend is a bit of a drama queen (my daughter, not my sister)... anyways, so she is on the potty (my daughter, not my sister.... just making sure we are on the same page...) and she goes "brrr... my close da door." so she gets up, attempts to shut the door and it swings right open again because a bath towel is on the top of it, and she as clear as day says
now, for those of you that have never met me, or spent much time with me... i say this A LOT! waaaaaayyyy too much probably. but it's my line... and i picked it up from greys anatomy and now my HILARIOUS daughter has caught on. i bust out laughing!!! then called everyone i knew to tell them the story!
Happy Monday!!!


  1. Love this!! I tell my daughter how "fancy" she is all the time and my son showed me his stuffed dog and goes..."Isn't he fancy?"

  2. My daughter says "Seriously" because of me, too. And also "For real." haha


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