Tuesday, October 4, 2011

natures blessings.

this afternoon we came across a darling little caterpillar..
after SHRIEKING and running in the opposite direction (dragging her pink blankie like Linus from Charlie Brown), little miss decided the tiny creature wasn't all that scary... especially when it is terrified and rolled up in a ball... she never seizes to amaze me - the tiniest little discoveries are actually HUGE in her book!
I A-D-O-R-E being a Mama.. it's moments like these, and when I see her put her doll in "Time Owww" (time out) that put a smile on my face and a certain peace in my heart.
Night Night,
Sleep Tight,
Don't Let The Caterpillars Bite.. (don't think they do, but not sure)


  1. I love your owl background!!! :0)

    Anyway, back to your post. Kids are notorious for noticing and delighting in the little things. I love it! My daughter, 5, loves bugs... She thinks they are so cool.

  2. My middle girl and I went for a stroll in our back acre...we took a bucket...we found treasures. When do we stop thinking that a leaf, or stick or weed isn't the most amazing thing we have ever seen? All I know is four years old is just about the best age ever. When we came inside we "decorated" the mantle with all our treasures...it's never looked more lovely.

  3. What a cute fuzzy caterpillar! I love the way our children open our eyes to the world and make us see everything new and think about it all over again!


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